Lapel pins vary from metal to the plastic, grey or colourful, big or small; but they can be the greatest tool in order to attract new business. Over the years lapel pins have been used for many uses and it is the use of attracting businesses that has beamed lapel pins into the oblivion.

Business owners should be making sure at all times during the work day that their staff members are wearing lapel pins. They promote the business in a good light and ensure that staff behave well at all times, a badge is a badge of honour and allowing staff to wear these ensures they understand they represent your business at all times.

Badges are a great way of telling customers what language you speak. In Wales, a small country in the United Kingdom companies are encouraged to show customers that they speak the native language of Welsh. A tutoring company in Cardiff ensure all staff show that they can speak the language by a small orange badge. (As seen below)

Iaith Gwaith

A lapel pin badge can be seen as a waste of resources to some businesses. The materials that go in to them, the product life cycle and just the necessity of lapel pins all come into question. This is a fair point and we sometimes agree but overall they are a lovely addition to a great cause.