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Lapel Pin History

Lapel Pins are small pins worn on clothing, often worn on the lapel of a jacket. Lapel pins can be for visual aesthetics or can show a wearers support of an organisation or cause. Before the rise in popularity of lapel pins boutonnieres were worn.

Lapel pins are mostly used as symbols of achievement and membership. Lapel pins can be used for recognition and are usually signs of accomplishments however more so charities have increased the resurgence of lapel pins by exchanging pins for donations. Lapel Pins can give you a sense of belonging.

Pin collecting has also become a hobby for people in recent years. Demand for lapel pins has increased, especially with the rise of commercial brands and cartoon characters.

Pin designs start off very similar to animation. Everything is drawn by hand either digitally or on paper. Once the design is approved, it is inked, coloured and placed on mechanical sheets, this is like a blueprint for the pin.

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Listed here are some generic guidelines that should help you with the physical design and final overall appearance of your custom lapel pin.


The shape will determine the art that can go on your badge. Your pin should compliment its shape and message.


The size of your lapel pin is up to you but it is important to note the smaller the size the less detail you can achieve.

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Lapel Pin Production

Lapel Production process is one of accuracy. The first step is to stamp the mold on a piece of metal to form the design. Step 2 is to outline the cutting, thus cutting molds are made seperate, the cut to the exact outline of the design. Step 3 is to join the attachment to the back of the pin. Step 4 involved plating the pin, the metal is soaked in plating liquid. Step 5 involves polishing the metal surface until it is smooth and shiny. Step 6 involves colouring the pin. Soft enamel is inserted by hand, one colour at a time, using different sized needles. Step 7 involved cleaning the pin to get rid of any impurities. Step 8 involves baking the metal piece at approximately 450°c for 15 minutes.

Almost all of the manufacturing process is currently done in China as this brings with it inexpensive labour. No other country on earth produces lapel pins commercially, and that is a fact.

When selecting your pin it is good to keep in mind that the finished product is like a picture on a canvas. Your pin is a reflection of your business and should represent those ideals in every way possible.


The more colours you want, the more expensive it will be. Keep in mind that your lapel pins use colour pigments and this can increase your costs the more colours you want.

Production method

Consider how your pin is going to be used. if it is given away as a promotoional item then you wouldn’t need the material to be that high quality. If you were giving an employee a pin as a token of an achievement then by all respect this should be produced with more quality. Remember weight is an important factor when receiving anything, weight gives off the perception of better quality.

Type of Artwork

You need to consider the use of artwork in the pin. Good quality images will make the artwork stand out on your pin.

Type of Attachments

Choice of fasteners will determine how durable your pin is. The more costs you can incur the better the pin will be.

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Fill out our contact form and ask us to find you a great supplier in your home country, for absolutely nothing, honest.

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Custom lapel pins are an important part of what we do and we believe that they are a great way to showcase a company, group or organization.

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